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3 Great Bentley Models for Luxury Enthusiasts & Collectors

We at Show Cars of Boca Raton take pride in being able to connect drivers with their dream cars. And, for many people, that dream car is a Bentley. It can be hard to select which one you’d most want to own, so here are some suggestions you can start with.

Bentley Mark VI

The first premium luxury model produced by Bentley after being on hiatus during World War II, the Mark VI was a high-priced but hot-selling car, selling more than 5,000 units over six production years. After undergoing major modifications to the design and construction, the revamped Mark VI became the famous R Type Bentley.

Bentley Arnage Final Series

For a decade, the Arnage was the flagship sedan in the Bentley lineup. While any Arnage is worth driving, the Arnage Final Series is the crowning jewel of the nameplate. Engineers tweaked its specifications to boost its performance and refine its appearance, borrowing all the best elements from other Bentley models.

Bentley Continental GT

A recent addition to the Bentley family, the Continental GT is truly a jaw-dropping piece of engineering mastery. Equipped with either a V8 or V12, the high-performance luxury car has the potential to produce over 700 horsepower — heralding a promising future for the automaker in the 21st century. These are just three of the many fabulous Bentley cars we can acquire for you. And better still, we can ship your Bentley of choice across the country so that you can start living the dream. Read about more great Bentley models on the Show Cars of Boca Raton website, and contact our dealership when you’re ready to start the hunt for your dream car.

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