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Classic Jaguar Cars That Should Be in Your Collection

Whether you’re cultivating a collection of valuable vintage vehicles or you simply want your dream models to show off, no assembly would be complete without an old Jaguar. If you want to add an impressive trophy to your collection, we recommend starting with these three classic Jaguar cars.

Jaguar SS 100

The Jaguar company launched in the mid-1930s, and this was one of the brand’s first creations. Even 90 years later, this beautiful automobile has a gorgeous, timeless appeal to it. Defining the automaker’s elegant style for years to come, the Jaguar SS 100 was a two-seat convertible sports car that everyone should have the pleasure of driving at least once in their life.

Jaguar E-Type

No list of the best Jaguar models of all time would be complete without including the E-Type. A legend in the brand’s archives, the E-Type set the performance bar at new heights in the industry. The good news is that a E-Type is surprisingly easy to procure even today, having been in wide production for many years in its heyday.

Jaguar XKSS

A fan favorite among Jag enthusiasts, the XKSS is an extremely rare but iconic entry in the brand’s library. An adaptation of the D-Type race car made for the public market the XKSS had less than two dozen units made — few which still exist. Love for the XKSS persists so strongly that Jaguar hand-built replicas of them 60 years later.

If you’d like to read about more classic Jaguar cars we love, check out our website for a longer list. And when you’re ready to add one of these vintage Jaguar models to your collection, contact Show Cars of Boca Raton. We’ll help procure and transport it for you anywhere in the USA.

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