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Tips for Caring for a Classic Car | Boca Raton, FL

Maintaining a vintage vehicle is much different than how you care for your normal daily driver. A classic car requires extra attention and careful preservation to help it retain its original components and beauty. We at Show Cars of Boca Raton know how important your prized piece is to you and want to help you preserve it, so here are our tips for caring for a classic car.

Cover it when not in use

Whenever you’re not driving your car, you need to protect it from the elements. Being an older product, it’s more sensitive to things like wind and harsh UV rays and shouldn’t be left exposed in your driveway.

The best solution is to park it in a garage or storage facility where it’s enclosed and has the temperature regulated during the hot summers in Florida. If that’s not possible, at least wrap it in a weatherproof cover that will protect it from rain, sunshine, and flying debris.

Otherwise, exposure will fade its paint and interior upholstery over time, as well as form rust and abrasions.

Regular maintenance is essential even with infrequent usage

Don’t assume that if you only drive your classic car once or twice a month and let it sit in storage the rest of the time that it doesn’t need recurrent maintenance. Every automobile — regardless of frequency of usage — still needs the same maintenance to keep it from deteriorating.

For instance, oil changes are still essential. Engine oil can still break down over time even if it’s not running through the motor often. Change it out at least twice a year. And, use a specialty oil that’s designed for high-mileage or older models.

The same goes for spark plugs, tires, batteries, and bulbs. All of these can break or deteriorate over time regardless of usage — especially the tires, which bear the full weight of your vehicle day after day as it sits in storage.

To learn more about how to properly care for your classic car, feel free to contact us at Show Cars of Boca Raton. Although we don’t have a service center at our dealership, we have enough experience and familiarity with how to care for classic cars that we can easily provide some helpful pointers.

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