2021 Daytona Turkey Run | Boca Raton, FL

It’s Almost Time for the 2022 Daytona Turkey Run!

Where’s the best place in Florida to show off your classic car and see other gems on display? Many automotive enthusiasts will say it’s the Daytona Turkey Run. This semi-annual gathering is the largest car show and swap meet in the entire nation, so it’s a top-notch destination for vintage vehicle fans.

This fall’s 2022 Daytona Turkey Run takes place Nov. 24-27, and it promises to be bigger than ever as the event celebrates its 49th anniversary. Best of all, admission is free!

Spend your Thanksgiving weekend with your family doing something far more memorable than slaving away in the kitchen: Bring them to the Daytona Turkey Run! There’s fun for everyone here, such as musical performances, art and fashion vendors, and all the food you can imagine.

Over 5,000 collector cars are on display at Daytona International Raceway every November and March. You’ll see rare models on display here that you won’t see anywhere else. Custom builds and mods are abundant here, so get ready to snap photos of your favorite pieces.

Do you own an antique hot rod? Join the thousands of other attendees at this year’s Daytona Turkey Run. If you don’t own a classic car, we invite you to contact Show Cars of Boca Raton. We’ll help you find and acquire your dream car. Bring any ideas you get to our dealership and we’ll start the search for you!

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