Best New and Classic Lamborghini Cars for Collectors

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You don’t have to be a premium vehicle collector to enjoy driving a Lamborghini. Even everyday driving enthusiasts can appreciate the thrill and prestige that owning a modern or classic Lambo bestows. Of the brand’s lengthy catalog of iconic models, these three new and classic Lamborghini cars are some of the best.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Although not the most popular Lamborghini in the brand’s repertoire, the Gallardo was a key model in the company’s history as it transitioned into the 21st century. Under Audi’s leadership, the Lamborghini Gallardo opened up the brand to a wider audience as one of the few entry-level Lambos made.

Lamborghini Espada

Almost the opposite of what you may envision a Lamborghini, the Espada is a four-seat grand touring coupe that was the brand’s last front-engine car. Its massive rear overhang and stretched-out hood accentuates the normal fastback proportions to the nth degree. The Espada was one of the most widely available Lamborghini models in the 1970s.

Lamborghini Urraco

Jumping back a half-century, the Urraco broke ground as the first entry-level Lamborghini made by the automaker. Bearing the signature design cues that the brand was known for but at a price far more affordable, the Urraco helped make Lamborghini a household name. Plus, its V8 was far more accessible than the usual V12.

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