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Tips for Photographing Your Classic Car

Automobiles are works of art, especially classic cars that evoke the fashions of yesteryear. A great way to show off the beauty of your beloved vehicle is to capture its magnificence on camera with a photoshoot. With a collection of high-resolution photographs, you’ll be able to show off your ride on your Instagram page, with other collectors on online forums, and framed on your office desk. Here are some tips for photographing your classic car to have the most picturesque results.

Pick a good location

Don’t settle for merely staging your photoshoot on your driveway. There are many places in your neighborhood that can provide far more scenic backdrops — especially if you live in the beautiful Boca Raton area. Choose a spot that isn’t crowded or overshadowed by large trees or buildings. Empty, unmarked pavement patches or gravel lots providing plenty of open air are usually ideal.

Choose the right day

A rainy day can ruin a photoshoot — especially if you own a convertible! Don’t stage your scene on a day when the weather is gloomy, paying particular attention to how windy or potentially rainy it is. On the flip side, don’t choose a day that’s so sunny that you’re struggling against the harsh shadows and glares on the car. Find a day that’s partly cloudy, dispersing the sunlight just enough to still illuminate the scene.

Use effective techniques

Make sure you’re employing effective photography techniques to frame your classic car in the best manner. For instance, low-angle shots of vehicles look excellent, so crouch down when you’re snapping photos. Make sure the sun is at your back when you’re photographing the car, rotating the vehicle as needed. Snap a variety of close-up detail shots and full-size shots to add variety.

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